Why I Bought my Kindle Electronic Book Reading Device

I never thought it would happen to me.

After more than 15 years online, I got bored with the Internet!

Not totally bored, mind you, but bored with my usual routine and the websites I visit. I’m on Twitter, and that can be interesting at times, but it’s been boring me lately as well. I play some online games and iPhone games during peak boredom times, but those seem like such a waste of time.

I’ve been thinking I should read more.

And not just business books, self-help stuff or SEO info. But real books. Like fiction even. On the rare occasions that I do read a novel while traveling, I love it! Yet, I hardly ever do. I have no excuses, it just seems like there’s always something else to do.

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past…

It occurred to me that a Kindle might be the answer to my boredom. I’d looked at them before, but they always seemed like a luxury for someone who rarely read. Especially when they were around $500. I couldn’t justify that price tag to myself for something I considered more of a toy than an electronic reading device. But now they were down to $300, and I also had a reason for getting one.

I really did want to read more!

I come from a long line of library book readers. My Grandmother, Mother and Sister breeze through numerous books a week, and always have. I never got into the library thing. When my kids were little I’d always forget to bring the books back on time and end up paying library fees practically equal to the cost of the book anyway. I knew trying the library thing again was probably not my answer.

And having a home library full of books isn’t my idea of fun either. They just pile up and get dusty. I mean, who ever reads a book more than once anyway?  These were the thoughts running through my mind as I tried to justify my Kindle purchase to myself.

An electronic book reading device was my answer!

What finally swayed me was when I got the idea to have a website where I’d provide my thoughts on the ebook device as well as reviews of the electronic books I was planning to read. You see, I’ve been doing SEO consulting for years, but other than our  company website, I haven’t had a website to experiment with in quite awhile. On top of that, I was in the middle of creating some SEO training videos, and needed a website to use as an example of what I was teaching.


Purchasing my Kindle would enable me to kill 3 birds with 1 stone.

  • Alleviate my boredom and expand my horizons.
  • Have a site to test SEO stuff.
  • Have a site to demonstrate in my training videos.

And that my friends, is the story of  why I bought my Kindle electronic book reading device!

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